welcome to the sun flower academy website! sun flower academy is the best and only kung fu & chinese school in the tri-valley area. 欢迎莅临向日葵文武学院网站! 我们是三谷地区唯一的文武学院。 new clay art class is offered through the after school program. 陶土艺术课将在课后辅导班开班。


our school is conveniently located in pleasanton, ca city center, near highway 580 and 680. we offer spacious and bright classrooms so the children can have a safe and healthy learning environment. our certified teachers came from mainland china, and all have years of teaching experiences in both china and united states. we implement new and dynamic teaching methods to achieve top learning results. our learning center mission is to eliminate parents' education concerns as we guide and prepare each student individually to maintain high level of learning ability.

我校位于pleasanton市中心,近580和680高速公路,交通方便。我们的教室宽敞明亮,活动空间大,环境优美,给孩子们创造了一个安全、健康、充分发挥学生潜能的美好的学习环境。 我校的教师,师资专业,教学一流。我们的教师来自中国大陆,有着多年的中美教学经验.在教学上采取新思路,新方法,教学形式多样化,寓教于乐,取得了良好的效果。 我们的宗旨是:帮助家长解决后顾之忧,培养和教育好孩子,让您的孩子永远不输在学习的起跑线上。

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